Great baby shower gift idea!

Posted by Administrator on 4/10/2012
Besides diapers, 8-10 onesies, a few baby gowns, and blankets, a baby does not need much of anything. I know it's hard to resist the frilly dresses or the sports laden boy clothes, but having been a postpartum doula for 5 years and a mom of four boys, I can attest that useful gifts are so much better to give and receive. 

How about giving a mini baby spa package? 

Fill a useful basket or bin with:
A thick (adult size) organic towel
A grooming kit (that includes nail clippers etc)

*Infant massage helps aid in digestion and temperature regulation. 

Skin care products used on babies and children need to be safe. Many products on the market labeled "natural" really are not and can bioaccumulate in babies and children. Do your research or buy from reputable sources and companies.